About Us

Brandt Equipment was founded by George and Jean Brandt in 1993.  The first season of business was the spring of 1994.  I (George) did not take my wife’s advice to use parts numbers from the catalogs we ordered from, deciding to make up my own part names and numbers.  Very bad decision!  I had very little experience in this business, and one customer had to bring a pump in three times before I fixed it right.  Fortunately, he is still a customer.  I was also farming, raising corn and hogs, so this made for a very hectic spring season.  We made it through, as we have every season since.

We bought the inventory of Meyer Equipment at the airport in Elkader.  Don Meyer and his father Art got in on the ground floor of this business when agricultural chemicals first began to be used.  They sold chemicals as well as equipment, but we opted to go with equipment and repairs only.

When we began the business, a 40 or 50 foot boom was really large.  Now 90 ft booms are not uncommon.  Foam markers were just coming into use.  Now many farmers have moved beyond them to GPS guidance and control.  In the beginning, there were flat fan or floodjet tips, and most farmers applied 20 gallons per acre.  Most used at least one cultivation.  Now there are dozens of types of tips, and most have abandoned cultivation for weed control.

What will we see in the next 15 years?